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Robert Sheriff is an Author, Poet and Actor, Singer, Historian from Adelaide in South Australia, Australia. I am writing this as a third person to help you understand me. I know that you will not agree with everything Robert says in this Biography.
Robert Sherriff was a part ot the Stolen Generations The Government removed him from his parents in 1961. Were he went on to suffer sexual abuse by adults employed by the state government of South Australia. He is now retired. Robert at one stage had 18 people working for him with the NBN. He is a Author Poet Actor Model Singer Historian
I am part Australian Aboriginal. On my Mother’s side. My Great-Great-Great-Grand Mother. Her Mother was a half cast. She got pregnant to My Great-Great-Great-Grand Father. I was part of the Stolen Generation. Then on my Father’s side, my bloodlines go back to Scotland. I only went to grade three. I self-educated. I have been for married 38 with six children ten grandchildren two great grandchildren. I am sixty-three-years old. My wife’s name is Carol. I believe in God. I am retired they call what I am doing my bucket list,
Robert self educate as I only ever went to grade three. I can send you a lot more of my history.
I have been married to Carol for 38 years. I am father of six, a grandfather of ten and a great-grandfather of two
Robert is now the voice for all those who don,t have a voice
Robert’s latest book ‘Nobody’s Home’ is an autobiographical story of his childhood where he endured the violence of his alcoholic father and his systematic sexual abuse in the care of the all these South Australian State Government Instructions. Robert survived one of the darkest periods in Australia’s recent history where children were currency in the hands of evil men who could operate with immunity. This book reveals the horror of children in care in the sixties and seventies and explores Robert’s journey from victim to survivor. When Robert wrote this book he wrote it as a seven-year-old boy. A teenager boy to 61 year -old-man. All his personally would come to the surface. Robert is 64 now this book has taken three years for him to write.
Don’t read this if you are e one of those people who thinks they fucking know it all don’t even scrutinize me don’t even try to understand me as you don’t know me the man behind the man I am who I am God gave me life God gave me my faith God held my hand. Did you? So, put away your pessimism. Give me your mind, your time, your heart, and your ears. The thing I want the most from you is your voice, a voice that is high and loud. A voice. That will shout out to the World. And make a difference in this World. This peregrination spans over 88 years. It takes you into the past and brings you back to the present day and then back to the past again. Tell your friends to buy a copy and read this story a story that will stand a story that will inspire, my story. A story of hope and courage. The World is my stage. Your stage. This is my story there are a millions of other stories out there Robert just prays by getting his story out there he can give people hope.
Robert is also a father of six, a grandfather of ten and a great grandfather of two his other projects include writing for children and he has recently published the first in his ‘Dirkbell’ series; a picture book for young readers. Robert has been married to carol for 38 years.
Robert in the last twelve month was C/O Author of two poetry books. He talks of love hope life and God. These are his written words. Robert hopes to bring a book of poems out and a book out by the end of 2019 praising God for all his gifts of life and love. To Michael Terence Publishing.

An Old Book
When you read an old book
Do you really touch it?
Feel it deep inside?
Smell it?
When it was written?
Can you feel the history?
The era?
Another time?
It worlds apart from us
The glory?
The passion?
The fantasy?
My old friend
Australian – Actor-Poet Author-Singer- Historian
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Motivation Speaker
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My Parents were both born out of wedlock. In them days, this was a no, no. WHO cares? Get the fuck over it. Does this give him the excuse to be a prick? Who would take it out on all those people around him? People he loved? This was his biggest hang-up. His mother was a pro and I think he would have often thought out of all these 100,s of men who was his father?
My Father nearly drowned when he was nine this is the chain of events that could have almost been a major part of history that could have affected his descendants 35 people who would not have been born if my Father had drowned? My Parent’s first met in 1952, July. My Mother told me it was love at first sight. My parents got married in 1953, my Father had all his RAAF mates at their wedding, and they all got drunk. My Mother was outraged she told me. I was born 10-25pm 8th July 1954 one of twin baby boys two pounds each born at Carlton hospital Victoria Australia. My Brother was born 10-35pm. You could hold us in one hand surely a gift from heaven how lucky? Little did I know I was about to ascend into a hell a hell of horror a horror from hell a place of darkness and no light. Some people do not deserve children. Years later we were told we were the lightest babies to survive up till 1954 in Victoria. I can only imagine how big I was? You could hold me in one hand. Then if Robert’s father had killed him when he was seven-years-old 17 of his descendants would not be here.
Our God listens
Remember God is in all of us his Spirit and the Son the Holy Ghost our bodies and his church and in our prayers. Our mouth is his voice a voice for all. Our eyes are his eyes even if we are blind. Our God listens to our prayers we listen to him. We are the Rock of Gods church, and God is my only true God. Love God as you love yourself. To love yourself you must show love. AMEN.
Philanthropist, and Humanitarian. Advocate for Women’s Rights. Im that voice. Sharing news and tips about // digital marketing // social media // influencers // Radio // Blogger // Writer of ALL Sorts Bio writer. Reading History. Favorite Subject America. A Large Following // Follows you// Youtuber,…
philosophy, draw, travel, history and strong faith. Thirst of wisdom! The Passion.
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Rearing up a child is a collective responsibility. Keeping children safe is your responsibility.
My joy come from God the finisher of our soul and my Lord Jesus Christ Beloved Son of God.
Talk back Radio in the States (USA)–1975
Success or Failure, nothing is Permanent! 👌 SO Just put your Best foot. 👍 Maintain Values, Justice and Virtues at all times ✌👊✔️ and you would Make it THROUGH the Rough patches Always!! ☺ . #athingaday #Success #Failure #Nothing #Permanent #Value #Justice #Virtue #Through
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Australian – Actor-Poet Author-Singer- Historian
Part of Wolf Creek TV series 2015
Part of Movie ‘Maurice’s Symphony’ 2015
Motivation Speaker
Movie – Snuff 2016
Movie – CULT 2016