Australian “NYMPH” I am looking for an illustrator/designer – Please send me your email and I will send you details.

Australian “NYMPH” Hello my name is Robert Sherriff Author Poet Actor Model Singer/ songwriter History buff. I have nearly finished a book where I want someone to paint or draw fifth-teen pictures for my next book.

Australian “NYMPH”

This is a great opportunity for an up-and-coming artist where I would have your name down on the front of the book as the illustrator of all artwork.

What this means is you will get 20% of sales and if a movie deal is offered 20% of the manuscript “book rights” sale to film producer.

We will have a contract written up were you are guarded concerning your rights.

I want you to let your mind race away go in the deepest part of your brain to bring this book to life. Bring out the best you can achieve.

This book will be submitted into the Prime Ministers awards 2022. Prize of $80,000-00 you will receive half the money if we win.

If you wish to do black and white that’s fine by me. Charcoal any sort of drawing. I will leave it to you.

You can paint if you think this would bring your work to the forefront. It’s your Baby.

The other thing I will send you a ton of drawing’s paintings. You choose?

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