Australian “NYMPH” Hello my name is Robert Sherriff Author Poet Actor Model Singer/ songwriter History buff. I have nearly finished a book where I want someone to paint or draw fifth-teen pictures for my next book.

Australian “NYMPH”

Australian “NYMPH” Hello my name is Robert Sherriff Author Poet Actor Model Singer/ songwriter History buff. I have nearly finished a book where I want someone to paint or draw fifth-teen pictures for my next book.

Australian “NYMPH”

This is a great opportunity for an up-and-coming artist where I would have your name down on the front of the book as the illustrator of all artwork.

What this means is you will get 20% of sales and if a movie deal is offered 20% of the manuscript “book rights” sale to film producer.

We will have a contract written up were you are guarded concerning your rights.

I want you to let your mind race away go in the deepest part of your brain to bring this book to life. Bring out the best you can achieve.

This book will be submitted into the Prime Ministers awards 2022. Prize of $80,000-00 you will receive half the money if we win.

If you wish to do black and white that’s fine by me. Charcoal any sort of drawing. I will leave it to you.

You can paint if you think this would bring your work to the forefront. It’s your Baby.

The other thing I will send you a ton of drawing’s paintings. You choose?

I cannot afford any cash payment as I am on the pension now. I am Australian Rob is my name I have only been writing for four years now. I am married to Carol 6 children 12 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren.

I am 66. If you email me, and you want more details please email me, cheers rob. 0466246021.

My publisher requires the following.

We will require jpeg format with 300dpi at the printed size.

Keith Abbott

Executive Director

Michael Terence Publishing | | +44 20 3582 2002

This book will be made into a movie 2021 or 2022

Australian “NYMPH” won’t be published until late 2021.

This was a famous myth an Australian legend back in the 70, s. There was never a book written about it. There was a film made I have heard it was a B-grade job.

The original story was called Nullarbor Nymph

Events[edit]           A little history about this book

The first report on 26 December 1971 was by professional kangaroo shooters from Eucla in Western Australia, near the border with South Australia. They claimed to has seen a blondwhite woman amongst some kangaroos, and backed their story with grainy amateur film showing a woman wearing kangaroo skins and holding a kangaroo by the tail. After further sightings were claimed, the story was reported around the world, and journalists descended upon the town of Eucla which had a population of 8 people at the time.[1]

Unveiling of the hoax[edit]

The incident was eventually revealed as a hoax, initiated as a publicity stunt. The girl on film turned out to be a 17-year-old model named Janice Beebe. She did appear in a photograph taken later, as an evidence of the Nullarbor Nymph, but the woman in the original photograph used by the media to perpetuate the hoax was Genetic Brooker,[2] the partner of Laurie Scott; he was one of the kangaroo shooter hoaxers. Scott admitted to the Sunday Mail in 1972 that the hoax was created by a passing publicist who happened to be in the Eucla Hotel and had contacts within the media.

Australian NYMPH written by Robert Sherriff – not online until 2021

This story starts in 1945 at the end of the Second World War when William “Bill” Shillinglaw he was twenty-eight years old. Bill was six-foot-two medium size he had a very masculine shaped body his brown hair always flicking out of his eyes with hazel eyes. Bill had one of those moustaches you twirl; on either side, it was long. Bill was very tired a little weary six years of war had taken its toll on Bill. He had a lot of grey hair. Bill arrived back home about the 5th of November 1945 by boat with thousands of other servicemen looking to get back to the life they had before the War.

Australia was a good place to live for the aboriginals were eight tribes lived in peace and harmony the people their children they were always so very happy before the white men set foot on their lands; that they have called home for over 55,000 years. Before the two tribes from Atlantis arrived, there were six other tribes living in Australia.


The Ngadjuri Warriors “people” were descents of the City of Atlantis they lived on the coast of Africa. These warriors would travel from country to country until they found a new home. They were the guardians of Atlantis. The Ngadjuri Warriors weapons to choose “warfare” and the chase differed considerably at different epochs. Swords and spears, bows and arrows sufficed as a rule for the Rmoahals and the Tlavatli.

When Atlanteans tribes first came to Australia over 54,700 years ago the two tribes from Atlantis would be accepted. The Wilabalangaloo People (Tribe) a peaceful tribe who communicate through thought they lived on berry’s nuts fruit vegetables and sweet potato and rice. They would meditate three times a day with prayer.

The legend of Atlantis is a “logical” one since cataclysmic floods and volcanic explosions have happened throughout history, including one event that had some similarities to the story of the destruction of Atlantis. About 55,600 years ago, a massive volcanic eruption devastated the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea near Greece. At the time, a highly advanced society of Minoans lived on Santorini. The Minoan civilization disappeared suddenly at about the same time as the volcanic eruption.

Atlantis with its earth quacks one day five hundred buildings and houses just sinking like quicksand were 100,000 people lost their lives. This underground grave will be forever their time capsule

                                                                                                                                                                                   Black Death

My mother told me a story when I was a young boy. Of a silent killer that came to our country Spain it came to the middle of Madrid where it was then swept in from the North, South, East and West. Madrid that was established in 1083 by King Alfonso our town was like all the other small towns where we would never be ready for what was about to happen?  Our great land it snuck though the front door late at night like a thief, beggar a drunk that was going to cause so much pain, grief. At the time her mother, her father seven brothers and four sisters and uncles, aunties and grandparents and my parents were all asleep.

My mother said Hernan you will not be born until the year 1390 of our Lord and as she told me this story, she did so wept. To me my mother was such a beautiful woman olive skin, brown eyes that sparkled and black hair she was five foot six tall.  

My mother told me of all these things at the time I was about thirteen-year-old the year was 1403. My mother said It was the year of our Lord 25th of June 1375. In our town lived forty thousand people. My mother’s name is Elizabeth at the time she was a happy go fourteen-years-old girl.

My mother told me she awoke to the screams and crying sounds floating around her room is this a dream? such a Deafening Sound. All was this a nightmare? O the poor girl if only I could have shielded her.

                                                                                                                                                                     The Spanish conquistadors

The Spanish conquistadors were summoned by Ferdinand II who was King of Aragon in 1444, He had

asked them all attend a feast. He spoke to each Captain asking them to take twelve 64-gun,

masted galleons “boats”. Ferdinand II appointed Juan le Dolosse as Captain-General for this expedition in October 1444.

Ferdinand II said take forty Caballo andaluza, and anything else you require. Go in search of new land

and as many riches and you can find. Let me tell each and every one of you “Captains” I will reward you

beyond your imagination never will you see so many diamonds ruby’s emeralds pearls and bullion and

bars of gold.

I want you to take fifteen thousand men doctors cooks and twenty boys? twenty boys asked one of the captains? to keep your men happy on their trip take only those who can play a laud. Plus, food water and wine to last two years. Take ten galloons and don’t take on any pirate’s ships said Fernando.  

Then Ferdinand told his court when you go anywhere, I want you to ride in as kings doing a king begging.

The Caballo andaluza were the show pieces of Spain forty magnificence Pure Spanish Horse, “pura raza española” Breed in Spain, Iberian Peninsula Traits: Distinguishing features Strongly built, compact, elegant, thick mane and tail it has been known for its prowess as a war horse. Napoleon chosen horse.

Strongly built, and compact yet elegant, Andalusians have long, thick manes and tails. There most common coat colour is Gray, I prefer black although they can be found in many other colours. They are known for their intelligence, sensitivity and docility. Twenty donkeys were loaded on to the boats.

Then Ferdinand said to all the Captains in one boat take enough rum to last you three years so that you to may celebrate when you reach new land and recover my gold, Diamonds, Ruby’s, Pearls, Gold bars and Bullion.

Little did they know they hit pay dirt twelve months after sailing ten ton of gold and Diamonds as big as stars in the heavens and all different colours. The gold and jewellery they stole when they who conquered the Aztec Empire in 1445.

Six thousand Spanish conquistadors would lose their life’s body’s lay where they were killed.

Loaded on to the ships that was stolen from the Aztecs were five tons of silver bars and thirteen tons of diamond encrusted Platinum jewellery in three hundred and twenty-five boxes. The Aztecs (/ˈæztɛks/) were a Mesoamerican culture that flourished in central Mexico we were lucky we landed there by mistake. The value at the time was thirty billion dollars so much that they need seven ships to load their catch. 

Spanish conquistadors rode into to their village in their splendid armour like kings on horseback where they would loot steal murder and rape, they murdered over twenty million all over 90% of the Aztec, Inca, Maya, Cherokee, Choctaw, then thousands would die of smallpox until the Aztecs were wiped out. Aztec civilization is remembered today for its elaborate religious life, complex social organization, elegant literature, and monumental works of sculpture. Many historians believe that once the Spanish looted stole murdered and Aztec woman as slaves, they were staffed to death their two Kings were also murdered that had no choose they simply gave up with small pox as the final nail in their coffin.

Captain Hernan was not of the leaders who gave the orders to The Spanish conquistadors he was just one of the Captains with his boat and three hundred men. The boats were laden with gold back to front bottom to top with guns on the ready to defend his ship against any pirate ship that thinks they are about to take Captain Hernan bootie.

Captain Hernan kept diary’s with great details drawings and his thoughts about the Captain-General Juan le Dolosse if his diary’s had been discovered he could have been executed so he would lock his bedroom at night light a couple candles sit back with a glass of red wine he brought from home and recorded the events of the day. The fall of the Aztec Empire.

To Captain Hernan delight and surprise Captain-General Juan le Dolosse was captured by the Aztecs and executed within two weeks of invading their villages. But then again someone had to show compassion and how to be friendly that surly now would-be Captain Hernan’s would be that man.

Once their ships were laden with so many riches that over flowed at the cup, they set sail for home “Spain” and never having the expertise the rough sea like they are about to encounter were they will be forced thousands of miles of course.

The sailors when they set of from Spain noticed that the sunrise is red and to take warning. The officer approach the Captain and said please Sir lets go back to shore as the men think that the sunrise is red and the day ahead will be dangerous.

The Captain replied tell them not to be foolish I have been a captain for over thirty years now and that is a lie a silly superstition by grown men.

Later that night about 11pm the rain storms and hurricanes hit. Captain then realises his mistake he thinks why did I not listen to my men? 

“Red Sky at night, Sailors delight; Red Sky in the morning, Sailors take warning.” Captain warned? Men died.

The captain said to the first officer during the second night of storms these sailor’s think like little girls in regards to bad omens and superstition. Don’t sail on Fridays what are we meant to do said captain drop the anchor tell them all to grow up they are getting paid to do a job. Stop this rot tell the sailors this said the captain or I order that someone will receive fifty lashes. During the trip the captain sent ten men to their deaths by walking the plank.

The captain said to the first officer while having lunch with all the officers of the ship of Sirens who were so mythological, often dangerous and beautiful, creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. How a black cat is considered unlucky and if a cat fell overboard there would be terrible storms. The captain was putting on a brave face as they had a cat on board for the rats and the cat fell overboard two days ago one of the men jumped into the sea to save the cat but drowned. Whistling was banned by captains on all ships of The Spanish conquistadors. The sailors would pray to Saint Nicholas for calm seas. The sad thing about all of this no one was listing.

A sailor said he could see a mermaid and she was singing and talking to him. But when the Captain had a look over board all he could see is dolphins guiding his ship.

Captain Hernan said to one of the cabin boys these storms remind me of my first wife who died giving birth to our child I nick named her The Tempest. Maria had this violent with a bit of thunder, lightning all rolled into one as the Captain smiled. I never ever won an argument said Captain Hernan.

Forty to fifty-foot waves Winds (80 knots, 100–140 km/h) Extratropical cyclones intense storms and typhoons and hurricanes. The waves caused by extreme wind feasibly a rogue wave could also cause a ship to capsize. One ship was lost were four hundred poor souls would lose their life’s the trip would take six weeks in total many deaths along the way. Not only was the rain terrible the hailstones had a diameter of 7 inches. 

Then other nights sometimes it was as quite as a mouse where the moon and millions and millions of stars would reflect across the sea like light lighting a path, I don’t think I have ever seen the moon so big. At this time of night, we would assess the damage and the heavy loss of life? and hope pray we don’t get the storms we have had for the last three weeks. The fog was very low like it was touching the water. Then the sunlight the next morning gave of the reflection from the sun on to the water which gave us of all a wonderful reflection of gold.

A few of the men were going crazy a couple jump of the boats no way were we going back for them.

At night sometimes the sea was purple green then thousands of these white things just floating so graceful until a wale jumps 20 feet into the air and scares the shit out of us. The boys were playing their lauds the music so pleasing to our ears.

The colours green purple red blue indigo so many colours 

Ship wreaks

The tribes would use there made carts that carry about 250 POUNDS each load up with donkeys as well 

couple of the Spaniards horses where they would need twelve years six months to recover all the gold

jewellery diamonds pearls and ruby’s, it was to be a longest and biggest salvage in human history and

every time you went near the ships that were wreaked you could see the glitter the sparkle of

diamonds ruby’s and gold and pearls. Then at night if you head towards the wreaks with the giant

yellow full super moon that billowing white and yellow clouds against a light darkish blue sky.

 You would swear that the shining light from the ocean was the sun.

The Spanish taught the Ngadjuri Warriors and the Wilabalangaloo how to melt down gold and speak The Spanish conquistadors’ generals

                                                                                                                                                        Mount Giles underground Paradise – City of Gold

Mount Giles in Northern Territory is about 9.6 miles long. Were the Ngadjuri Warriors and the Wilabalangaloo People (Tribes) and the other six tribes discovered this cave by accident. Where they would hideout inside the cave that is four miles long half a mile wide and four hundred yards high. Down below underneath this harsh land was this oasis rain Forrest were 30% of the time it would rain on itself through elevation. Fruit trees of all sorts it is never hot were you would need a jumper or a fire. This place was about peace joy and love. Stunning waterfalls, Rivers as long as the cave itself running with fresh water were fish would jump four foot out of the water to catch a fly. The eco-system where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, c/o existed working together to form a bubble of life. Then the colours of the rainbows that would radiate from all cracks and crannies to give this canvass such a beautiful piece of work. Were the light would shine down upon the lake’s waterfalls and rocks. Spanish conquistadors “Hernan” was a landscape painter he would often paint and imagine himself with his canvass and easel painting such delights. The bird species so magnificence in flight with  so many different colours and his paints of Ochre, Umber, Sienna, Manganese, Kaolin, Reds, Yellows, Blues, Greens all the colours of the rainbow and more. “Hernan” would paint many more landscapes. Then hang them in the cave. The Devine light where he would use every part of his imagination as an artist with his canvas and his paints ready to paint a master piece to make Van Gogh proud. Animals were a favourite of “Hernan” Spot tree-kangaroo, ringtail possum, and bandicoot. You may even spot the unique echidna or a platypus playing in waterways. In addition to these the forest is home to over 30 types of reptile and amphibians, and hundreds of insect species. Butterfly’s with their multiple colours so free in-flight dancing to the Flight of the Bumblebee. fluttering around each other, and then, suddenly all synchronised, they circle

and spin, forming knot patterns in the air. As if magnetised or tied together by invisible threads, the

butterflies dance. Absorbing energy from the sunlight where they are watched by a ladybird. The

butterflies bask in the wonders of the present moment.

So much wildlife you can you were never left for wanting. “Hernan” would always go back to multiply

waterfalls that were cascading down onto the floor of the cave. Beautiful were “Hernan” words this

needs to be shut down so no white man will ever see it as white’s man’s greed’s will destroy it.                                                              

Captain Hernan, said Slavery worse act in human history he told the tribes about the pirate ship. He said I pray never again in the history of man does anyone take anyone as a slave with a tear in his eye.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Captain Cook

When white man first landed in Australia on 1770 Captain Cook was the Captain on HMS Endeavour, with seventy men on board. Within the first fifty years, Deadly infectious diseases like smallpox, influenza and tuberculosis were always major causes of Aboriginal deaths. Smallpox alone killed more than 50% of the Aboriginal population. But then as we all know were ever white man goes white man kills it’s the nature of the beast.

Its only after the white men step foot onto the shores of Australia would then be known as aboriginals.

Captain Cooks men were trying to swap beads and other small goods for our valuables. Little did they know? They must have thought us very stupid as we had been were selling our white beads to a Dutch “traders” navigator for years I say well over a hundred and sixty years before Cook landed in Australia.

Books below are to give you an idea what I have written so far.



I have written six books already please see below for details.

One of my songs below.

“Robert Sherriff” Nobody’s Home – buy online                                                                                                                        

Is an award-winning Poet Author Actor Model Singer/Songwriter Historian – Australian.

Robert Sherriff 0466246021                          Nobody’s Home 12-7-2020

Robert Sherriff” is an award-winning Poet, Author, Actor, Model, Singer/Songwriter, Historian – Australian.

Please buy my books online today a children’s book, a must.                                                                                             

Robert Sherriff Author of “Dirkbell” – Children’s book on sale online                                                                         

UK: Dirkbell12- 7–2020   

Booktopia – Dirkbell – robert sherriff

“Robert Sherriff” is an award-winning Poet Author Actor Model Singer/Songwriter Historian – Australian. Please buy my books.

I became a part of the devil’s workshop 

Robert Sherriff—My God, How Great Thou Art  God

My God, How Great Thou Art. 2020


Roberts has entered his books into the Prime Minister book awards 2020 – buy online

“Robert Sherriff” is an award-winning Poet Author Actor Model Singer/Songwriter Historian – Australian. Please buy my books.

Robert Sherriff—The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination—Crazy Bloody Yanks—The Journey Begins. The Inner Sanctums of My Imagination – buy online

Detective Crow—New York, New York by Robert Sheriff.  To be release in 2021

                                       “The city that never sleeps”

The subways are dirty and grungy….

Look New York is not for everyone. It is a dirty and filthy place; you can smell the stench of the subways rising throughout the streets of the city, wafting up through the vents (grates) on the sidewalks.

But she is my kind of town no one ever said that she would smell pretty, be pretty. I didn’t, did you? I just love New York, New York everything is so tall. Black and white and grey skies Detective Crow. “It is the nature of the beast”.                                 

New York says thank you to the brave men and woman who police our streets                                                                                                                                                                                         

Detective Crow resides in a small town called Elizabeth, just outside of New York, where the butterflies dance and the canaries sing to the wondrous tones of Chopin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                Public Announcement “Notice” By the Author

This is a public announcement that during the writing of this book no animals were maimed or killed for the purpose of writing this book.

Author Robert Lloyd Sherriff Australian 08/07/1954…… 

                                                                                                                                                              Chapter one

                                                                                                                                                          Butterflies Dance

Detective Crow resides in a small town called Elizabeth, just outside of New York, where the butterflies dance and the canaries sing to the wondrous tones of Chopin, where the winds flow so gently in the early springs of November.

It was the early days of the 21st century. Here the goldfish swim in the crystal, clear water and then there are the creatures of the night. They are transformed into the monstrous shapes of frogs. Blue, Green, Red, and Black.

I shiver and shudder as they come from the “World” down under New York. Even the Dark Shadows follow you at night.

The solar sewage knocks you out. This is no ordinal classic horror story.

They skin you and eat you alive with one bite where your blood drips on the pavement all night. Or you will die from your gaping wounds.

So please don’t stop. Don’t walk alone on the streets of New York tonight between 11 pm and 1 am; A small timeframe. They are crude, rude, not nice, unjust they just don’t care.

They will tear you in two, just looking at you. Mean and unclean, afraid of no one accept Detective Crow and her fluffy white duster.  

They hate those words fluffy white duster, mm. They come from a planet far out in the galaxies called ‘Way-out–Yonder.’…  

HEY, WOW, STOP, OK? (Let’s stretch this out a bit more?) OK? “STOP”…You ask why?                                                  

The words on the streets of New York, the Police are taking out Blackie tonight.  Ok then ask yourself this question is the person who was the author of this book is he still alive? His family? Wife, Children, Grandchildren and great-grandchildren? His hobbies? His work? Other books he might have written? His craziness? His mental state? I think if you write a book everyone must be a little crazy. “True”. I know when I read anything; I like to find out all the facts about that person. Again, I think I want to be a brief part of that journey. I wrote this book for you, my old friend. Tell your friends to buy a copy. All First Editions are always worth lots of money. This story is a never-ending story. You will love the twists and turns. How this story goes back and forward. So, enjoy this book I wrote it from my heart. In another place, another time. Another tiny place called earth. It’s your Earth so protect it for your children and their children and their children and their children and their children and U? Never be afraid to dream as dreams come true. Even when you reach 102.  When I write a book, it is like music to my ears… It’s written for you my old friend thanks for your support. Please review this book online Again, it’s about Monstrous frogs, Detective Crow, Dreams, History and aliens+….                                                                                                                     

There’s no other place like New York, New York. No other

                                              the fantasy? The magic?        

No, this it’s not one of those classical Horror Stories. It’s one of those classical detectives Stories.

Who’s telling this story you or me? So “STOP”. Please read, we will talk later.

It is about Detective Crow, a down-to-earth police story. The place she loves and calls home.  

The place where her heart lies.

Detective Crow has been in the police force fighting crime for over three years now. Hers is a voice for those who don’t have a voice. Detective Crow works at the local Police Station in New York, where the biggest skyscrapers touch the stars.

Your town, my town, our town. A town like no other where you walk tall and hold your head up straight and where you are proud to call this place your home, your town.

There’s no other place like New York, New York. No other. The place where the lights never go out. The city that never sleeps. Those little town blues. DA la DA…                                                                                                       

Crow lives for her work. The Detective has a three-digit IQ (180).

She could have done anything with her life.

Detective Crow instead choose to serve. Crow enjoys doing things her own way and smoking cigars. She answers to no one.

Crow loves drinking red wine and listening to her favourite songs they are The Unicorn and How Much Is That Doggie and the Window and Puff the Magic Dragon.

Crow also sings New York, New York. All, these songs make Detective Crow cry.

She is such a softie. She has a Heart of gold she would give you the shirt off her back. Detective Crow always wears black. Crows, favourite Sports teams are the New York Yankees and New York Knicks. She never misses a game. Detective Crow is one of those crazy fans, she tells everyone.

Detective Crow has such a wicked sense of humour.

A friend if you need a friend. A lover of the outdoor life, Crow loves to travel, Crow has been around the world twice….                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Robert Sherriff sings COVID-19 – My new song.

This song talks of suicide and death

please send on through to social media and to your friends thank you Rob

Lyrics were written by Robert Sherriff

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